Hi friend!  welcome to my blog,  seaker life :)  I am Lauren Morrison; a wife, a gal in ministry with a creative pallet.   My husband and I met at my favorite coffee shop down the street; jc beans.  got married traveled a bit and now reside in southern california.  I love lots of things.  I love the ocean and sliding sometimes as well and I am indeed a foodie.  I love good food. it just makes the day that much better.  IF YOU KNOW ME, YOU PROBably would see me with my 4runner with a surfboard hanging out in the back with a yoga mat on the side or you would see me at jc beans reading my bible.

SEAKER LIFE STARTED in 2012 when I was inspired to make jewelry and blog about my adventures,  and my life being a newly wed.  With a touch of inspiration, creating and designing, seaker life became a reality.  My hope is that this blog will provide helpful resources to inspire you, and see life through my eyes.

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