Monday, March 11, 2013


Mostly everyday I come to this wonderful coffee shop called jc bean.  Its pretty much my safe haven.  Its weird, a lot of times you try to find great places to have a quiet time with jesus to journal and read and whatnot.  I invested in this amazing prayer chair that I am SO excited to use and see how that Goes but for now jc bean is my place.    I have a lot of students ask what do you exactly do in a quiet time?  Well here are my quirky resources for you if you!  

1.  FIND YOUR SPOT- it can be anywhere- your living room, a coffee shop, a beach, a park, a chair... whatever you want! (its like setting up a date with jesus)

2.  BIBLE- I recommend an esv study bible (THE MEAL OF THE DATE)

3.  Journal- Make a really cute journal or go buy one that best suits you.  BUT be excited about the one you get!!   (THIS IS THE DESSERT)

4.  if you go on resource library you will find a sermon is pretty much most chapters of the bible. or another great one is 
 (this is the fun activity after the date)

5.  systematic theology by wayne grudem- this is great to have at hand for topics to study deeper into.

6. MUSIC- have a good playlist that will make you focus and relax I LOVE SPOTIFY  (this is great ambiance for your date with jesus)

I normally start off with journaling then read a psalm and read a chapter in the bible i started off with genesis and moved on throughout the whole bible or you can start off with a gospel story and read a chapter a day.  then i will go on desiring god and look up the chapter i read or the psalm and listen to a sermon on that or a sermon from tim keller or read something from systematic theology that applies to the topic i read.... all while listening to my "JC TIME" playlist on spotify.  


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