Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Recently, my husband and I went to visit our friends that are missionaries in okinawa.  This was an insane trip.  We got to meet the most amazing people along with some fun high school students.  You would imagine japan being more traditional japan like kyoto.  However, okinawa is quite unique.  okinawa is pretty much just like hawaii without the crime and drugs.  Okinawa actually has a 0 percent crime rate.  can you believe that ??! definetly a great place to raise your kids.  Being out of america was wonderful.  Life is so real and raw in okinawa.  My husband and I just fell in love with it.  it was interesting to see the houses there.  every one of the houses are made of concrete due to typhoons.  so it seemed kind of dirty on the outside.  However, when you actually go into places it was extremly clean.  everything was clean.  okinawa had the most beautiful water and beaches.  we got to go surf some amazing breaks that had noone out.  if you travel up north in okinawa you tend to find breaks after hiking in some jungle that are just amazing. our friend has a night surfing business called haisainight ( where he would light up the water from land and in the water and everyone would surf.  the water was very warm.  the only thing that was a bummer was the sea lice.  but no worries, they have this great japanese medicine that makes the bug bites go away. the food was great sushi was half the price and extremly fresh.  Other than the sushi we had some curry and surprisingly mexican food we were so blessed to see the church in okinawa.  It was so awesome to see the lord move there and just grow the local church.  there were so many japanese people there just eager to study the bible and be in community.  we fell in love.  here are some of our photos from our trip, enjoy!

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