Thursday, July 3, 2014


Our 2014 vacation was Maui this year!  Im a huge advocate of traveling somewhere on a plane once a year if you can.  I traveled a lot during my single time and now starting out our marriage with continuing the traveling tradition.  When you are a single traveler, you depend on yourself to get to places, make the flight, plan out your days and you're good to go.  Traveling with another person, let alone your spouse is a whole different ball game.  Being newly married you learn a lot about each other, traveling together you are learning how the other person fells relaxed, I mean that is the point of vacation.  Traveling with your spouse is a great experience not only to enjoy a new place together but to learn about each other and grow together.  

Our hawaiian vacation was wayyyyy better than our Honeymoon to Kaui.  First off, going in May is the best time.  The flights are cheaper, the weather is great and you miss the crowd because everyone wants to go on family vacay once the kids are out of school and they don't get out until june.  Although there weren't much waves because of the time of the year we went, here are some things to enjoy on your trip to Maui.  


1. Napilli Cove-  If we were to do Maui again, I would definitely stay here and never leave.  This beach is amazing.  It's on the perfect side of the island where the sun is always out and the beach is just so beautiful.  If you walk to the left side it takes you to a different cove where there are ton of sea turtles you can snorkel with.  It was a great highlight of the trip.  

2.  Heart Rock-  This was SO HARD TO FIND!  But this was really cool to see.  Just know if you pass where this is the road is the scariest road ever!

3.POKE-  EAT LOTS AND LOTS OF POKE ITS SO CHEAP AND SO GOOD.  If you go to the safeway, you can find all kinds of poke for like 6 bucks!

4. Hula Grill-  This place was the bomb!  They had the best mahi mahi fish n chips.  Loved the view!  Not a fan of their dessert, you're better off getting a shaved ice.  But this place is a must!

5. Blowhole-  This blowhole was pretty sweet!  Its a little hike down right next to the heart rock!

Maui it was real. 


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