Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Top 10 things to do in kauai

1.  Eat hawaiian food- you are in hawaii, its cheap especially local markets.  when you go you must get some spam musubi, ono, poke bowls, mochi and shaved ice.  

2.  Hike the napali coast- you can get beautiful photos and its a great adventure.

3.  Waiula Falls- you must see this!!!

4. Zipline with outfitters- they have a private property on the robinson's land where they filmed jurassic, pirates etc.  IT WAS AMAZING!

5.  Go to poipu beach it was lovely. great for snorkeling and just relaxing

6.  Helicopter ride that goes into the jurassic park waterfall- i wish we did this but it is a b it pricy.  Only one helicopter company goes into the waterfall

WE got a new t3i rebel we love it! perfect for orld travelers!

zipline jurassic park

mochi my fav

$ 6 poke bowls from foodland the bomb

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