Saturday, December 21, 2013


i am not a big surprise person.  I actually enjoy picking out my christmas presents like the most of us do.  My husband was really excited about getting his guns.  I on the other hand had these 4 things on my wish list. I am definitely a bargain shopper and REALLY don't like buying things full priced because pretty much most things go on sale especially pricy items.  

1. Bed stu manchester II boots- I am proud to say I waited for months for the bed stu manchester boots to go on sale.  Originally being $260, I found them for $150 on amazon.   What a deal right?  After coupons scanning through all different sites for these i found them at its cheapest.  

2. Warby Parker "Ames"- if you haven't heard of warby parker, this is a great company that has decent prices for prescription eye glasses.  most of the frames are sweet vintage looking ones which are priced starting at $95.  Not only that but every pair that you buy it gives a pair to someone in need.  Im always up for a good cause.  Warby parker offers a FREE try on where you pick 5 and they ship them to you.  It was such an easy process i will always buy glasses from warby.  I absolutely love love loved the "ames"  they reminded me of moaning myrtle in harry potter.  (yes i love harry potter)  I purchased the ames and got my prescription within 2 weeks.  they even gave me a 20% off discount because they took longer to ship my try ons.  check them out WWW.WARBYPARKER.COM

3. Cloth and stone- i love this company and the soft denim it offers.  both of these tops displayed were on sale at anthropologie at their additional 20% off day after thanksgiving sale.  I found both at a decent price ranging from $23- $40. 

hope you have a wonderful christmas


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