Saturday, August 2, 2014


If you haven't been to my house, one of the things im all about it DIY. If you are a lady, most likely you will have a pinterest.   With Pinterest being so popular, DIY has become a huge thing throughout the past couple of years.  Naturally, I have become a huge fan of DIY... why?

1.  It saves you bucks
2.  It becomes such an original piece
3.  Its a great feeling of success

One of the big things that I have wanted lately is a new kitchen table. When you first get married, you are just trying to save money and kind of just put together random pieces of furniture. We were given a table from our pastor and his wife (which we are incredibly thankful for) when we first moved into our home.  After a continual process of decorating our home, I have been on a hunt for a kitchen table.  Tables are expensive!  You would have never known but it just seemed like all the tables that I wanted were from West Elm or one i found from world market which we could have paid for but it's hard to spend that kind of money when it wasn't something I was in love with.  This past week, one of my friends was moving which i am extremely bummed about but she had this rad architect table in her garage she was getting rid of.  Mike (husband) used to be a carpenter and had this great idea of turning the architect table into a new wood pallet dining table.  Some items that we used was

1. Architect table Base
2. Wood Pallets
3. Wood Stain
4. Wood Finish
5. drill
6. hammer
7. saw

1st- Mike sawed different shaped wood pieces into the same shape for a table.  
2nd- He hammered the wood pallets onto the old architect table.  
3rd-  Stained the wood with a sponge, I LOVED how it turned out
4th- let it dry for a day
5th- flattened the nails on the bottom of the table
6th- spray wood finish to make it water proof

I was pretty psyched how it turned out!  It was my dream table finally.  BEST PART IS it didnt cost me $700 :)


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