Monday, September 22, 2014


Today was a GOOD DAY. Actually, today was a really really good day.  Mondays are my favorite day.  Might sound selfish but Mondays are a "me day".  You always need a good pamper day.  Let me tell you about mine.  

8 AM- YOGA CLASS- I really love going to yoga in the morning, its refreshing and starts my day off right.  

9:30 AM- MORNING SURF- Monday mornings at sano are the best because everyone is in school and the weekend crowd is off to work. Today felt like the perfect fall day.  Barely anyone in the sano parking lot, brisky water (I got to wear my new nineplus spring suit), glassy, 1-3 fun little waves.  I was psyched.  

12:30 PM- MEET WITH A FRIEND- I typically try to meet with a friend and catch up today we went to Gen Kai (one of my favorite sushi restraunts with a great happy hour, i can always go for good sashimi).  

2 PM- TRADER JOES- I find grocery shopping theraputic.  I actually really enjoy picking out all the food for the week.  Mike and I have finally gotten down the foods and meals that we like so now its like a piece of cake.  I'm a huge fan of trader joes.  It's a perfect place to shop for making meals for two people.  Most of the meat portions are for 2.  It's great and reasonably priced.

2:30 PM- SPRUCE UP THE HOUSE-  i tend to spread out my cleaning duties into daily ones so on mondays i vaccum and spruce up the house.

3 PM- READ-  I like to go to my pool and read.  I used to go to JC BEAN and do this and i want to try to get into the habit of doing it again because i get more reading done.  For the summer time, the pool is just fine.  

3:30 PM- SHOWER AND RELAX- enough said.

That was my Monday morning- afternoon for ya.  


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